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    New FaceID not Available

    In Latest MIUI 11 stable rom for MI 5 faceunlock is not available. Please fix it as soon as possible.
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    Please Help

    Sorry for the request. I want Latest MIUI 11 folder for a reason. Will someone please give me this.
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    New Huge Battery Draining!!

    Huge Battery Draining after update
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    Invalid Stable 10.2 in Gemini (Mi5) WiFi signal Bug

    In Lastest stable update wifi signal is in wrong place.
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    Miui Available

    In official Xiaomi website for Xiaomi Mi 4S stable miui 8 available..plz port it.. .
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    New Icons Are Not Ok

    In My xiaomi Mi 4S in security app The Second Space,app lock and test network icon are not ok.. they are showing wrong Icon and when long pressing on menu button on camera app...Saying "Tap again to Exit" issue also present with redmi 3 pro(ido)
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    Eu Rom For

    There is no stable eu rom for Xiaomi Mi 4S based on MIUI 8 version Need it badly because there is huge chnage and optimization.