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  1. TacoLord187

    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.29

    No toro last week, or this week. Why? What about use? I stand corrected, its out now. Thanks.
  2. TacoLord187

    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.22

    Still no toro?????????????
  3. TacoLord187

    [REQUEST] App drawer like this?

    They don't use an app drawer. If you REALLY need one, try using a different launcher. I recommend NOVA launcher if your on MIUIv4
  4. TacoLord187

    [REQ] Menu button visiblity

    For the CDMA Galaxy nexus, the menu button is ALWAYS showing. I want it to follow default ICS behavior and only show in apps when its needed. (The screenshots are from a stock ROM, not MIUI) So here is what i want. In the first image, you see there is NO menu button in my navigation bar. So...
  5. TacoLord187

    I love my tacos!

    I love my tacos!
  6. TacoLord187

    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.1 ROM [ICS]

    I really wish there where a few other changes on my Galaxy Menu button only shows when needed, like default ICS behavior. It didnt say "Verizon Wireless" 24/7 in my Status bar A 4g LTE toggle Those would make this ROM perfect for me, because i love the look and feel, hate the lack...