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  1. Mark F

    New Health app sleep monitoring doesn't stop automatically

    For the past 2 weeks, the Mi Health app version 2.10.5 works really good but no longer stops monitoring automatically and a force app stop is required. This has been on A11 and the last 2 weekly versions, currently 20.11.18
  2. Mark F

    New Front camera reported as abnormal, 10 Ultra

    Done a quick search but could not find this noted in bugs. The front camera shows as abnormal in the built in hardware test on Mi 10 Ultra 20.11.12 Weekly. Camera works fine, just reports a fault. Please delete if it has been reported but I couldn't find any mention.
  3. Mark F

    Mi backup causing home screen shortcuts to disappear

    I have a strange problem with my 10 Ultra and after doing a Google search, similar issues have been noted but I can't find any answers. I use Mi Cloud for my weekly scheduled backups but after it runs I find that some icons and widgets are missing. I thought it might be the Mi stock launcher but...