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  1. zipalign

    Merge Partitions Without Losing Custom Recovery

    hi everyone. I actually have an unmerged partitions [standard] layout on my Mi2s. I also have a custom recovery installed [TWRP]. I'd like to merge partitions without losing TWRP. is it possibile? can anyone explain on how to proceed? thanks a lot.
  2. zipalign

    How To Install Custom Recovery After Miui6 Lollipop Flash

    hi there. I have installed last 5.5.1 build of MIUI6 based on lollipop 5.0.2. my previous setup was TWRP, no dual-boot configured, running AOSP 4.4.4 kitkat. I performed a NANDroid backup via TWRP and wiped data, then I simply flashed the 5.5.1 build .zip file. after flash succeeded, I...
  3. zipalign

    [rom] Ivan's Aosp Lollipop 5.1

    this is not my own work. I am just mirroring Ivan's ROM published into other chinese forum channels. this is bleeding edge android lollipop 5.1 for Xiaomi Mi2(s) codename aries. don't use this build on other phones. all credit goes to Ivan for this incredible work. buglist: - screen stucks...
  4. zipalign

    [port] Cm12 Keyboard On Aosp

    I fell in love with CM12 keyboard [available on Michael's build], and I'd like to have it on my Ivan's AOSP ROM. so i created a flashable .zip [CWM/TWRP] to overwrite the stock lollipop keyboard with CM12's. the keyboard is mostly the same, but it does improve the second function keys on all...