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  1. lohtse

    Missing Eu Mi-pad 2 Roms!!!

    Anyone able to post a link for the LAST mi-pad 2 rom??? there doesn't seem to be any actual links now for v8.6 roms for mi-pad 2 thank you
  2. lohtse

    What Custom Roms Would You Recommend?

    Hi all Am tired of being stuck on Android 4.4.4 on my Redmi 2(2014811) Several Apps I use have limited features on Android 4 when you compare to Android 5 or above.... And as there is looking like there will never be an android update I want to move on to a GOOD STABLE custom rom...
  3. lohtse

    Active Stylus's Issue..

    Hi Guys(and girls :-) ) I recently wanted to try active stylus's on my Mi-pad 2 so bought one but found it worked intermittently.. It would work on first contact with screen but then would stop and start after that... if you view the attachment you will see the results of drawing 3 lines...
  4. lohtse

    Custom Roms For Redmi 2 (1g Ram/8gig Storage)??

    Any one able to recommend some FULLY work roms using Android 5 or above please??
  5. lohtse

    Stop Mi Cloud Sync??????????

    Have disabled Mi-Cloud sync but to my HORROR it still sync s my logs,text, CALLS photos etc to mi cloud.... I DON'T want it too and I only just discovered it sync's my PHONE CALLS... How can I stop this from happening??? regards A concerned Lohtse
  6. lohtse

    Themes And Lock Screen?

    Have updated to latest 8.3 miui and really do like it but if I try to change lock screen wallpaper in settings I get "unfortunatley, system laucher has stopped" Anyone else have the same issue??? I don't get any issue if I change home screen. also has anyone figured out how to change themes...
  7. lohtse

    Thinking Of Flashing 8.3 Advise Please

    As the title says really.. Have an earlier Miui 8 flashed but looking to update to latest.. Has the play store error been sorted? Whats the best way to flash it(without wiping data if pos) any further advise welcome. Also is there any GOOD STABLE android 6 roms out there? thank you
  8. lohtse

    New Update On Official Site 7.5 China Rom!!!!

    Just saw this today thought there was not going to be any more miui 7 roms but seem we are wrong any chance we will see a global version here???
  9. lohtse

    Whats Our Next Move????

    My Partner has the Mi-Pad 2 flashed with Miui 7 Global 5.12.24 beta.. we found it on the miui site(official) and was developed by a vietnamese group.... But is quite buggy... So she is KEEN to move on to a better/newer rom.... Other rom was flashed via fastboot so only has stock recovery and am...