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  1. pmspr4100

    Invalid [20.5.14][Redmi Note 7 Pro] Icon optimization

    Hello, MIUI 11 icons in SETTINGS> ADDITIONAL SETTINGS are no longer available will they be reinstated in MIUI 12 ?
  2. pmspr4100

    Invalid [20.5.7] Redmi Note 7 Pro - Miui Browser missing from ROM FIXED

    Hello MIUI browser is not in the rom of the redmi note 7 pro.
  3. pmspr4100

    New [9.7.18] [Redmi Note 7] Bug Camera / rotation screen

    Installation of the rom in full wipe 1: Format data 2: Wipe data / Cache 3: Factory reset 4: Install ROM 9.7.18 Every reboot in English or French the camera bug forced to erase the data of the application for what works. Also the rotation of the screen does not work
  4. pmspr4100

    Invalid [HMNote 7][9.7.4] FM [Bug Fix New UL ROM] thanks

    Force Close tested in French and English View repport
  5. pmspr4100

    Invalid Missing icon HMNote7 (Lavender)

    Missing icon in "EXPLORE NEW FEATURES" Language tested in French or English icon still missing
  6. pmspr4100

    [9.5.9 HMNote7] Dual 4G & VoLTE !

    Hello On the redmi note 7 of my wife the official global ROM has a lot of dual 4G and the VoLTE option is well activated. By cons on the 9.5.9 rom the dual 4G not available and VoLTE and grayed. Possibility of activated on the next version ?? @Igor Eisberg @ingbrzy
  7. pmspr4100

    Invalid [9.4.18] [HMNote 7] Not French ??

    I switched the phone to English for tested. Then to come back in French the option is not available
  8. pmspr4100

    Invalid [9.4.18] Update Play Store APK Mi

    Hello The Google Play Store forces the update of the calculator Mi, so we lose the options of the Beta China for me in 9.4.18. Possible to blocked is updated for: Mi Video Mi Calculator
  9. pmspr4100

    Invalid [BUG 9.4.11] Redmi Note 7 [lavender] fingerprint & face unlock

    After a restart, unlocking by face or fingerprint does not work. Obliged to unlock by code or scheme and from the fingerprint and face detection works. Après un redémarrage le déverrouillage par visage ou empreinte digital ne fonctionne pas. Obligé de déverrouiller par le code ou schéma et à...
  10. pmspr4100

    Traductions & Suggestions & Corrections MIUI 12 FR

    Bonjour; Un nouveau dépôt MIUI 12 FR a été créé par moi-même. La base était celui-ci utiliser par "Global" que j'ai modifié pour être indépendant. Je fais une traduction générique pour tous les modèles donc merci de me remonter le plus d'informations possible. Dépôt GitHub...