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    Is There A Way To Change Wifi and Signal Icons' Locations?

    Hello guys! Is there a way to do this? I want to move wifi icon to left and to move signal icon to right. If you did not understand me, you can look at the screenshot that i mentioned below. I use EU Beta 9.10.24
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    MIUI 11 Original Icons

    How can i use MIUI 11's original icons instead of icons? I use EU Stable 11.0.2 on Mi 8 Lite.
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    New [9.6.13] Cropped Notifications

    I have a notification issue. Notifications looks cropped. In WhatsApp notifications i can see only the title, i can't see messages. It was same with all themes and also it was same in 9.6.5 version. Can you help me ? Device : Mi 8 Lite