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  1. Calligari

    Xiaomi security app work normally on your device ?

    Hi, the cleaner have not effect, in slide menu and in app and boostspeed not work in slide menu, it's only active in app (utility menu in bottom) the battery optimization, and data usage, work normally other users have the same thing ? i have cleaned data & cache unsuccessfully I have version...
  2. Calligari

    Why partition /odm is locked ?

    When flashing a rom image, TWRP write in red E: unable to update logical partition : /odm how to format this partition ?
  3. Calligari

    New No Sync Messages on MI8

    No number phone specified in "synch from xiaomi cloud A MIUI11 stable version send a sms to Xiomi to activate sync fonction
  4. Calligari

    New MI8 lag and at reboot Lost ALL data

    two time with 2 different rom, 8.9.1 and last jully version. system lag, error message 'xx not respond''. and on reboot nothing on the phone ! data is empty, no backup, nothing in data. and the locked /persist partition make difficult a new installation of system. (i make a tutorial for...
  5. Calligari

    French error translation in contacts (app android contacts)

    Il manque un espace
  6. Calligari

    French error translation in call log (app android contacts)

    In call log for deletion of 1 call. Il faut plutôt écrire "effacer cet appel de l'historique" par ce que là on dirait que l'on va effacer tout l'historique et pas seulement celui-là