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  1. Infinitely

    New Issue With This Forum

    I can't seem to find content that I have posted here. I'm talking about when you go to your profile and then hit information: Find all content by xxx Find all threads by xxx This is not only the case for my own profile but almost any other profile here...
  2. Infinitely

    Latest Version Of Miflash?

    Where can I find it? In English? EDIT: is this the latest?
  3. Infinitely

    Restored Hard-brick But Still Some Problems...

    So my xiaomi m2s was bricked pretty bad, I couldn't even enter the recovery. So I followed this thread and restored my phone by installing the 'aries_images_4.11.21_4.1_cn' fastboot package. So when my phone finally booted up I noticed some problems I also had prior to this brick. My sdcard...
  4. Infinitely

    New stock mail app

    I don't know if this has been asked before somewhere on this forum (if yes, let me apologize in advance), but the new mail app is really slow and unstable compared to the old version. Besides I liked the old layout MUCH better. Does somebody know how to get the old one again (or any other...
  5. Infinitely


    Hi guys, I tried to reboot my phone into recovery by adb but it says 'device offline' in command prompt... What is the issue? I've installed the driver, rebooted my pc and everything. I use the latest android SDK (just downloaded it). EDIT: I've tried this but it didn't work since my Android...
  6. Infinitely

    Switch system

    Hi, is there a way to switch system without going into the recovery (e.g. through terminal command)? Thanks in advance!
  7. Infinitely

    Broken volume buttons

    Hi guys, my volume buttons are defect and my phone doesn´t boot up anymore because I flashed a wrong file... It just hangs on the Mi logo. So now I´ve got somewhat of a problem since I can´t either access recovery or fastboot. Any ideas? :(
  8. Infinitely

    Unable to charge battery on Mi-One

    I seem to be unable to recharge my battery on the Mi-One, be it the regular way or through connecting it to the computer through USB. It's pretty strange because this only seems to occur when the battery is completely discharged. It happens on both my original Mi-One battery and the fake one I...
  9. Infinitely

    Android market and flash player?

    Does somebody know where the android market is to be found on MIUI? Also when I try to watch videos in the web browser it appears I don't have flash installed, how should I do this since there's no apps market? Also I've noticed it can't play, .wmv, .flv, .mkv and some .mp4, .avi files for some...
  10. Infinitely


    Hi, I've found the M1 on, here is the link: So does anyone know whether I can trust this webshop or not?