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  1. Tetzi

    Redmi 3s With Lte B20 800mhz

    Is there any experience with this version. And how is that possible because there is no official release of xiaomi http://www.*******.com/928-redmi-3s-prime-international-version-32gb-gold.html...
  2. Tetzi

    Time To Vote For Marshmallow Rom 'redmi3/pro (ido)

    Petition marshmallow rom for Redmi 3 246 votes
  3. Tetzi

    Vote For Global Rom Redmi 3 /pro /s

    Give the redmi 3 a chance for official global rom At the moment 1332 votes Edit Update coming soon
  4. Tetzi

    Redmi 3 Pro Touch Issues

    Does anyone have the same problem with the screen. Like this Whenever I charge the device... I never had such issues with any device Rom > >>> the bug has been fixed
  5. Tetzi

    Which Stable Rom Is The Best For Redmi 3 Pro ?

    I'm trying to find a good stable and I would really like to know your oppinion on this topic. What is your ROM of choice