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  1. ZalexT

    UnBrick | Authorized Account

    Hi, Just found an article where explain about to contact an Authorized Account to unbrick Xiaomi phones. It's dated on 2018, and the service seems alive in 2019. Mi Globe
  2. ZalexT

    Ram used | No BG Apps

    Hi, How many Ram is your N7 Pro using? CN Rom 10.3.5 No background Apps Thank you
  3. ZalexT

    Data usage | RN7Pro Chinese Rom

    Hi, Recently noticed I can't access Data usage stats. Any idea on how to read the data? I had a big amount used, I've installed some apps to monitorize but they can not read the previous data. Thank you Sent from Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  4. ZalexT

    Xiaomi AI vs Google Voice

    Hi, Xiaomi AI looks nicer than GVoice, at least for me. It's small and near the thumb, instead GV that appears upper on the screen and covers all, at least on my system. Is there something to do to use Xiaomi AI with Google's DDBB? Is there any way to mod Google Voice to look tiny and...
  5. ZalexT

    GBackUp | Apps Data

    Hi, Just received the RN7Pro Chinese version and installed GServices throught MiApp. Noticied, that Google backup for Apps doesn't work. Currently it's just backing up locally. Does it work for you? On Google Back Up menu: Firstly had Account is currently backing up locally message, and...
  6. ZalexT

    Root | Easily on Redmi Note 7 / Pro

    Thanks to Pr1nc3V Unlocked BootLoader needed!
  7. ZalexT

    Indian Rom on CN Version?

    Hi, Is it posible and safe to install Indian Rom on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro CN version without BL unloked using MiFlashTool? If posible, could be ask for the unlock from the Indian Rom? Thank you
  8. ZalexT

    Backup - No root

    Hi, Is there any way to create a settings/apps/app settings backup on a non rooted device? ADB Bckp would do it? Any full guide link? Thank you
  9. ZalexT

    KingRoot until unlock Bootloader?

    Hi, Does anyone know if KingRoot will work without problems for the Unlock time during the waiting time? * Start Mi Unlock application * Start -n waiting time * Run KingRoot - Meanwhile * Finish waiting time * Unlock device * TWRP * MagisK Thank you
  10. ZalexT

    Redmi Note 7 Eu Rom on Redmi Note 7 Pro?

    Hi, Would Redmi Note 7 Eu Rom work on Redmi Note 7 Pro? Thank you