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  1. Sylar82

    New messages sound

    mi note 10 pro 20.10.22 i dont know if this bug or not but i all time set notification sound as netural birds and its work on incoming messages now i cant do that any more when i try do that its open other mune with system ringtoon
  2. Sylar82

    New Mi note 10 pro battery drains by logd

    i notice that app called lodg use too much battery i dont know what this app is but it was not there before in 20.9.17 , i try clear cache and Re flash the rom and clear the security app data but thats not solve the problem
  3. Sylar82

    New Mi Note 10 Pro 20.10.15 Bug

    i flash it derty flash over 20.9.17 and all sys app close randomly ( gallery , themes , browser ) and in some app i get" no storge clean some app" ,, and get notification that the updater work in the background !!
  4. Sylar82

    pocket mode

    did any one have this option in MI Note 10 ?? i dont remember if it was in global rom or not but i miss the pocket mode in EU rom
  5. Sylar82

    Easy way to get Indian store themes MTZ

    hi there im on stable 12.0.1 and its China theme store ,and i really miss the indian themes , so i found this site on the internet you can get all the indian themes MTZ by searching the theme name or developer name its easy to use and you can put the URL of the theme in the search bar too (...
  6. Sylar82

    New battery usage stats

    ok i don't know if this problem from xiaomi or from dev , I noticed that the battery usage stats not correct or its not get you the real SOT , yesterday it was 5 and half hours after while i check again and its Only 4 hours , today same problem i check it and its 7 and 20 and i check again now...
  7. Sylar82

    Invalid stable 12.0.1 Mi note 10 pro

    im on miui12.0.1 stable mi note 10 pro - can't sync sms and call history from MI cloud -sim card can not active - no magic clone option on camera app - can not update system apps from apk mirror
  8. Sylar82

    stable ROM

    hi there any one here can help me i am in global miui12 official ROM i want to change to rom and have some question ,, is there a OTA in stable and is it stable without any Problem and bugs ,, thank you