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    Please help . (with bugs)

    Does the MIUI Gallery's Video player work to anyone? I can only choose to play the video (which was filmed with the miui camera app) with extrnal video player.. the built in video player always says "Sorry,this video cannot be played". In addition, the changelog says the the music player...
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    [MOD]MiUI Plus- The best addon mod[widgets,apps,wallpapers,themes & more]all versions

    MiUi Plus -New to miui? want to wipe and reflash the rom? or just like new stuff? so thats the ultimate mod for you! -MiUI Plus is meant to fill the missing stuff on miui, especially widgets, ringtones and live wallpapers So what Miui Plus (+) actually adds: -LG Optimus widgets (I chose...
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    Help in choosing my next miui device.

    Hi, I need help from you to help me choose which MIUI phone I should get.. I currently can not decide which phone to get Either the Galaxy s 2 or the Optimus2x/G2X.. The SGS2 is not an "official" devices like the LG, though it does have a working port... I really want the LG since it is way...
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    Ginger NEWS! Next devices to be updated!

    MIUI CN: What means that the next phones will be Milestone (FINALLY!!!=]:rolleyes:)and HD2 in addtion, they said that the Samsung Galaxy s is going to join the miui force very soon, theres already a beta avaliabe. lets hope that google translate doesn't lie =_=
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    The next device to be upgraded to 2.3 is ******

    Desire HD. Shame on you MIUI DEV TEAM I want my milestone to be upgraded too (cry)
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    [MOD[FIXED LINK]]MIUI Launcher with disabled wallpaper scrolling. [Work with 4.2.1]

    First, this mod was made by another guy who is ten times smarter then me >< so the credits go to him (roenano). *The mod is ONLY compatible with MIUI and I assume that it is works only with 4.2.1/28.1/21.1 versions good as well but I haven't checked yet.) -If you are using languge other then...