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    Removing MIUI bloatware

    i really love miui and always keep coming back to it after running other roms but some of the extra apps annoy me a lot since i have no use for them. stuff like the statistics or movie app. i'm kind of familiar with removing system apps using ES explorer or Titanium backup. can someone please...
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    [REQ] SMS - time delay upon sending

    I'm not sure where to post this but I thought I'd try here. One of my fave features from when I used the Handcent sms app and biteSms (for iphone) was the option to have a small customisable time delay when you hit send. Essentially a small time window to change something or to cancel (second...
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    notification bar - black on black text (dark themes)

    is there a way to edit the text so i can use dark themes? right now, the text is black so i'm forced to use lighter themes to read. i know you have to edit an xml file but i'm not sure which one and where?
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    Default font

    hey. i really love MIUI and have been using it for a few days for the first time ever. awesome stuff but i'm having trouble changing the 'default' font. i change it but it seems to change back to what it was before after a while. i really don't like looking at this font for an extended period of...