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    Wakelock After Full Charge

    Well, I haven't used MIUI for a long time, so I haven't tried any of the solutions for this bug, but I tried to make a patch. (I haven't tested this too, so try it on your own responsibility, I just share it because it may work.) I did some research and theoriticaly it should work. It actually...
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    Is the RAM/Battery management tweaked in this ROM?

    Thank you for your answers, I think we have the same problem. Is maybe our problem related with Whetstone? They say it's enough to disable Memory optimization under developer options to get rid of its effect, but for me there's no such option. So don't have another choice: What if I...
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    Is the RAM/Battery management tweaked in this ROM?

    Nobody knows the answer?
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    Is the RAM/Battery management tweaked in this ROM?

    For some apps I enabled autostart, locked in recents, and set battery saver to no restriction. But it didn't have the desired effect, because when I clear an app from recents, instead of just leaving it run in the background (like in AOSP), MIUI stops and restarts it. I tried to turn on and off...
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    Wakelock After Full Charge

    @Krzysiek B. Does it still working?
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    MIUI 9.6 8.4.26/8.5.3/8.5.4/8.5.8/8.5.10/8.5.17/8.5.24

    Is there split screen in this version for Redmi 3S?
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    The built-in video editor can't download the songs. It says check my connection, but my connection is good. I even tried it with mobile data, but it's the same.
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    For me if I change the playback speed in YouTube, the video starts to lag. Does anyone have the same issue? I don't have this on non-MIUI custom ROMs. @ingbrzy Thank you for your hard work in the past year! :)
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    You can disable it this way: I did it too, without any problem.
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    MIUI 9 7.9.21/22

    @ingbrzy According to AIDA64 HM3S hardware also supports 4K video recording. Can you please add support for it for this device too?
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    Wakelock After Full Charge

    My problem with MIUI 9 is, that it didn't bring any new intresting features on Marshmallow, no split screen, no Nougat, not even a newer security patch level. And it isn't much more optimized, okay, it's a very bit smoother, but it uses more RAM. I have the 2GB variant, on MIUI 8 with all apps...
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    Wakelock After Full Charge

    I don't know... Now I just charged my phone until 95% and I got wakelock... Well, after this and MIUI 9, I'm really thinking on change to a Nougat based ROM. If all goes well, soon we will get official support for LineageOS. Anyway... Does anybody face this on official (MIUI) ROMs?
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    MIUI 9 7.8.10 - First Miui 9

    OTA update... Wow! The last disadvantage of this ROM is gone!
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    Are There Any Differences Between Fastboot Mode And Edl Mode?

    @ingbrzy And does flashing in fastboot mode resize my partitions to their default size?
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    Wakelock After Full Charge

    If I have to choose, I would choose MIUI 7.5, if there would be a release for our phone, which supports hungarian. MIUI 7 was ligher, faster, smoother and more battery friendly. (And in my opinion it looks better.) But from MIUI 8 the 8.1 was the best obviously. Anyway I'm ok with developer ROMs...
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    Wakelock After Full Charge

    Then I stay with dev ROM.
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    MIUI 8.6 7.7.6

    @ingbrzy I saw you added 4K video support for some devices. Can you do the same for HM3S? According to AIDA64 this phone's camera also supports 4K resolution for making videos. It writes 4096x2160 for video resolution.
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    Official Global Or Rom - Which Is Faster?

    Google apps don't matter to me. You can disable what you don't need of them this way:
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    Official Global Or Rom - Which Is Faster?

    Hello everyone! As I mentioned in the title I want to know which ROM is faster. And it would be great, if someone could answer to which uses less RAM, has higher AnTuTu scores, which is smoother, more stable, etc. I have Redmi 3S 2/16GB.