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    miui forum app dissapeared in new update??

    hi there any one know how i can get the miui app it uninstalled on the newest update
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    system freezes when plugging into computer

    miui freezez and unable to press anything when plugging and mounting sd to the computer or sometimes when i unplug and mount sd back to phone it freezez and have to reboot, it happens on a daily basis any suggestions? everything else works great
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    Shadow vanguard

    Works great with chainfire3d!!!! Sent from my GT-I9000 using the forum app
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    1.6.24 galaxy s system freeze when plugging usb

    System freezez when i connect usb to computer running 1.6.24 and have to reboot happens at least once a day Sent from my GT-I9000 using the forum app
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    How come file manager is gone?

    In 1.6.24 the file manager dissapeared now i gota use astro:( i liked the stock one better will it come back in the next release? Sent from my GT-I9000 using the forum app
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    could not dl 1.6.27 the link just sends me to a clear page

    is it just me or is the galaxy s 19000 link dead for the rom itself? i downloaded the english pack
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    wifi not working tried reflashing

    i downloaded an overclocking kernel it said my wifi might not work after which it didnt, but then when i went back to froyo 2.2 and tried reflashing miui it doesnt come back it just says obtaining ip address and thats as far as it goes...... everything else work any suggestions? thanks oh and it...
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    overclocked sgs at 1.6ghz with cm7i9k-glitch kernel!!!

    only thing is wifi dont work
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    Wont read external sd moui 1.6.17

    Miui wont read my sd and when i plug it into the computer it doesnt pop up either any suggestions? Sent from my GT-I9000 using the forum app
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    running latest 1.6.1 with internet connection issue please help

    hello i had a quick question wondering if anyone maybe with the same issue that solved it. first off i have a samsung galaxy I gt9000 i am with bell in ottawa, Canada, i went from 2.3.4 gingerbread and i followed a websites advice to go back to froyo and flash miui through recovery bla bla well...