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    Is the RAM/Battery management tweaked in this ROM?

    For some apps I enabled autostart, locked in recents, and set battery saver to no restriction. But it didn't have the desired effect, because when I clear an app from recents, instead of just leaving it run in the background (like in AOSP), MIUI stops and restarts it. I tried to turn on and off...
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    Official Global Or Rom - Which Is Faster?

    Hello everyone! As I mentioned in the title I want to know which ROM is faster. And it would be great, if someone could answer to which uses less RAM, has higher AnTuTu scores, which is smoother, more stable, etc. I have Redmi 3S 2/16GB.
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    Is It Possible To Make A Miui 7 Stable Build With Hungarian Language For Redmi 3s? team, can you make it please? :) Or how can I do it myself?
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    Does The Android System Battery Drain Bug Exist On Version By Redmi 3s?

    Currently I use the latest weekly by as my daily driver and this is the only annoying bug for me. This happens after charging, Android System/OS makes a wakelock and it only ends, if I restart the phone. I did a clean install because of this, because I wiped the system partition when I...
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    Does These Roms Have Addon.d Support?

    I installed a patch for bad sound record quality, it has addon.d support. The system supports it too or I have to reinstall it at every update?
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    Are There Any Differences Between Fastboot Mode And Edl Mode?

    Except that I can use fastboot mode only with unlocked bootloader. I want only flash an official ROM. So which mode makes the phone more "original" status? (Now I'm on ROM, I want to start over the entire installation.) I know, I asked it in official MIUI forum too, but there was a lot...