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    droid x unable to charge....

    Droid x still unable to charge well off. is there a fix for this?
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    are there any transparent face book or twitter widgets that can be used with miui 1.8.19?
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    battery issues Droid X HELP??

    help, i know i'm not the only one. anyother peeps out ther on Droid X have this issue, or fixed this issue? Droid X 1.8.12 juice defender calibrated battery... HELP?
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    hi, i recently installed miui on my droidx, came over from liberty. let me say that it is a beautiful rom. i do have some questions tho. 1. how do i get into recovery 2. how to make backups 3. how to install backups i tried making a backup with droid2 bootstrapper and my phone boot loopped...
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    Battery help...

    so i see that "media server" has sucked up 80% of my abttery life last night. what is "media server" and how can i change this to save battery life?
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    Alt Drawer help...

    i just installed the alt drawer, set it in the shortcut, but how do i hide the apps on my homescreens?
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    dead battery... Help?

    i just flashed over to MIUI yesterday, beautiful rom. here is the first issue so far. when i went to bed my phone had an 80% charge, and when i woke up this morning my phone was completly dead. any ideas or suggestions would be awesome.
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    Newb, can i get some help. DROIDX

    I'm having issues with the camera as well as launcherpro FC any ideas? im not sure what im looking for as i just came from Liberty v0.9 and tat was so simple. maybe a cheat sheet or some general basics on this beautiful ROM. thanks