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  1. 1982Strand

    Calendar app date format

    I'm looking for the string to change the date format in the calendar app. It's in the top left corner of the monthly calendar view (see image where it says 2013.04) Any help is appreciated :-) Thanks Sendt fra min GT-I9300 med Tapatalk2
  2. 1982Strand

    New Large font in menus

    Anyone else noticed this? At least it's there on my SGS3 - multi - 3.2.1 Large fonts in menus, make them look somewhat off... Dunno if it's a bug or not, but it's definetly not an improvement.. Read from post #32 and forward:
  3. 1982Strand

    xml.part files - how to use in building?

    Hi there, here's a question for the devs: I noticed you are using files with the .part extension, which adds the contents of the file to the corresponding file without the .part extension (i.e. arrays.xml.part -> arrays.xml) I wanted to ask how you use it, because before i was simply copying...
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  5. 1982Strand

    Samsung GS3 weather widget

    Is it possible to get the original samsung weather widget on miui? And how? I tried simply copying the AccuweatherWidget.apk and AccuweatherDaemon.apk to system/app, but that doesnt't work, the widget doesn't show up in the launchcer widgets...
  6. 1982Strand

    Best Modem/baseband for i9300?

    Just wondering. Anyone got experience with different modems for the i9300? Anyone else getting that werid fuzzy sound issue too with XXDLID? I get that when i call my girlfriend and vice versa, but no issue at all if i call my sister or vice versa. Pretty random thing, but really unacceptable...
  7. 1982Strand

    In Progress Calendar FC when setting future date for event

    FC occurs in calendar app, during creation of event and trying to set a future time/date. Galaxy S3 - 2.11.30 - multilang. Tried clearing app data, wiping cache/dalvik and a clean install - all failing to resolve it. Seems i'm not the only one, the issue is mentioned elsewhere on the...
  8. 1982Strand

    Email FC - Can't find the problem..

    Hi everyone.. I'm trying to identify an FC in the Email.apk, but I can't figure it out :-( It happens when I receive a mail and as far as I can tell, it has something to do with the notification of the mail.. I'm using the multi language 2.11.30 (danish) on English locale it works, meaning...
  9. 1982Strand

    MiuiSystemUI FC when recieving sms

    Hi everyone :) I'm testing my translations and have made my own tiny build system for the miui apks. I got almost everything worked out now and it seems that everything is working, i just got one little issue that i've been trying to fix for many days now without luck :( It's as the title...
  10. 1982Strand


    Well, just wanted to get this cleared once and for all. It is said the emojis work on official devices, can i see some screenshots of it in action please? :) I'm doing an unofficial port, but i can't get them to show in the stock mms app. I tried extracting/decompiling/comparing from different...
  11. 1982Strand

    Logcat of reboot?

    Hey guys. Just a quick question, mostly for the devs in here i suppose. I got an issue with a reboot, which i can't really troubleshoot as i get nothing from logcat on it. What happens is: If i go to Gallery, select any photo, then tap on it to get the menu bar in the top and bottom, then...
  12. 1982Strand

    Build script help

    Hey guys.. I'm trying to make a small linux script for decompile/recompile of apks. I got 2 small issues. To start with, i got my script project in /root/test/ and the decompiled apks in /root/test/apk_in/ I want to place the recompiled apks in /root/test/apk_out, but when i run the script...
  13. 1982Strand

    framework-miui-res help

    Hey miuiandroid team! Could someone post the exact contents of arrays.xml from framework-miui-res? I mean, the one from 2.5.18, edited and working.. Thanks ;)
  14. 1982Strand

    Translating using github

    Hey guys. I recently started work A LOT in linux and came across a few posts about xiaomi's xml sources released on github. I'd like to translate the apks/images and was wondering if someone could post a mini-guide on how it works and how to set up a "translation environment" so i can get...
  15. 1982Strand

    patchrom help

    Hey guys. I'm working with the patchrom and i get an error i'm having a hard time solving. It's in the signing process, here's my output: /media/DATA/patchrom/tools/ >/dev/null out/ZIP /media/DATA/patchrom/tools/ line 47: zipalign: command not found mv: (translated...
  16. 1982Strand

    GB final?

    Soo.. No changelog for GB this week? No changes for 2.3.16? And no info about we get no info? He.. I think we can all agree that ICS is the buzz right now, but can we expect a final GB version anytime soon? I'm (obviously) a GB user and it feels like it's just been left for a newer toy :)
  17. 1982Strand

    Photo frame widgets

    Does anyone have issues with the photoframe Widgets not working? They do on and Miui Xj on xda..
  18. 1982Strand

    Is it stock?

    Just wondering, the ROM's we download here (NOT the lang-packs), are they the EXACT stock ROM, only deodexed? Or has anything been altered in ANY way?
  19. 1982Strand

    FC when trying to switch sms tone

    Just checking to see if i'm the only one with this.. I'm not certain about the exact names in the option entries i mention, but i think people can get an idea on what i mean. In thememanager, i click "alert tone", then choose "None". then i go to the homescreen. Click "Settings", then...
  20. 1982Strand

    "Fake" 1.7.8????

    How is the 1.7.8 for Desire GSM made? It is not possible to download the official rom from the chinese site yet, so how can it already be up and deodexed here? And if it's a port, how is it done and from where? I'm not gonna use this one, as i am skeptical about it, i'll wait for the...