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    Moving Status Bar to the bottom

    Anyone know if it can be possible to implement the feature, like in some AOKP ROMs, of moving the Status Bar to the bottom? Or does anyone know where to start looking for what code needs to be changed?
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    Battery drain on 1.7.8

    Is anyone else getting huge battery drain on the newest version (1.7.8) ? Device: DHD I am down 40% in about 8 hours with no use. I have checked all the usual things. Nothing has changed in my usage or app settings since using 1.7.1. I heard on another forum that a few other DHD owners are...
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    Calendar: Holiday, Event Text

    Anyone else seeing like a holiday or event text in their Calendars for certain days? Seems to be on Month view only. Not seen it in releases prior to 1.6.24
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    Has anyone got this icon?

    Hi, can someone please post the sms/mms icon that is shown in this image from this post (bottom right). I am prertty sure it is part of the aeolus icon sets but can't see it in any downloaded versions. EDIT: Found it.
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    Icon Backgrounds

    Hi, can someone please let me know the location of the icon backgrounds? EDIT: Think I have them, well the structure anyway from the Theme Template.
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    I may be missing something obvious, but are SMS smilies gone in the new (1.4.29) version?