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    1.5.27 MMS/SMS Force Close

    Replaced the file and now everytime I get a text message, certain apps are asking for permission (I forget what) and then the mms forecloses. Sent from my SGH-I897 using the forum app
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    Netflix not working with miui 2.3?

    It only available for certain phones right now. You need to change your build prop to one of the supported phones to get it to work. Sent from my SGH-I897 using the Forums App
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    24 hour format ?

    It's currently a bug. It will be fixed in the 1.4.15 beta which comes out tomorrow.
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    whats this all about

    It also shows the old lockscreen design so my guess is that they just haven't changed it to show the updated versions. But yes, the current version only has two tabs.
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    Unkown icon on top of lockscreen?

    It tells you how many things are in the notification area. So if you plug in your usb cable to the computer, you will have a 2. If you have a security app like Lookout in your notification, that will give you the icon.