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    [REQ] Disable icon labels?

    Is there or could someone develop a way to disable icon labels on Miui v4's stock launcher? [Sent from my HTC Inspire via Tapatalk using Swiftkey 3 Beta. Pardon errors.]
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    Sense-like Weather app?

    does anyone know if there's a native miui weather app? or, if i could somehow get the apk for the sense one? all of the 3rd party weather apps ive downloaded from the Market/PlayStore are awful. and i just really like the smoothness of the sense app... anyone? [Sent from my HTC Inspire via...
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    Lockscreen Freeze?

    I have an HTC Inspire and am running MIUI 1.11.4. Occasionally, my lock screen will freeze up and i'll be unable to unlock my phone. The slider won't slide or anything. My battery percentage will still work as my percentage will change, but my phone will be stuck on the lock screen. The clock...