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    MIUI ported to Motorola RAZR??? possible?

    Hy guys... any news? Is it going to happen in near future? thanks!
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    MIUI ported to Motorola RAZR??

    Hy guys... any news? Is it going to happen in near future? thanks!
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    Market doesn't open on 1.9.16!!!

    Am I alone on this bug? I can't access market.
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    New Miren browser en 1.7.29?

    Browser: New browser upgrade, tabbed browsing support, full-screen mode, reading mode other other new features. can someone tell me where is the new miren browser? because for me is just the same as before...
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    Imposible to make a GPS connection

    I don't know what's going on.. but since ginger was implemented on MIUI... It's almost impossible to connect to GPS signal.... I'm using Motorola Mileston... any solution?
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    Sync Toggle... where is it???

    I was wondering... why miui decided to eliminate SYNC toggle from de notification bar??? It was reaaaally usefull.. If it´s space problem... maybe eliminating LOCK toggle would do it.... I never use it. What do you think? Mark, is it possible for you to ask chinese guys about it? Thanks.
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    Really biiiiiiiigggg bug !!

    Guys... when I get some calls, the bottom menu does not appear. I mean the end button, and the rest of the inferior menu. What's going on?
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    MiuiMusic stops !

    Under Motorola Milestone, when using miuimusic in background.... after a few second, minutes... it stops. Maybe ram issues? can it be fixed?
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    I've lost multitouch...

    Don't know why or when, but trying to play a game I realized there's no multitouch on myy Motorola Milestone.... I've being using MIUI for a long time ago but I think this problem is new for me. Any ideas? Any fix?
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    vibrating when power off

    hy guys.... is it possible to remove the vibration when you power off the phone? it's really annoying... thanks