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    Looking for 2.9.14

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of an old version of MIUI (2.9.14)? I'm looking for the official version for the MI-ONE phone..?
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    Size of MMS

    In the old versions of MIUI MMS was resized to quite a small size. Now max size (i think) is 1920x1920 which can result in quite a large MMS. I'm having problem that some of my friends can't receive MMS because of this. Can max size be set somewhere?
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    Wipe dalvik cache in recovery mode?

    Does the wipe cache option in recovery mode wipe dalvik cache as well? If not. Is it possible to wipe dalvik cache on the MI-ONE?
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    Internal memory

    I'm running ICS 2.4.20. What internal memory stats do you have? I have Total 2.87 and available 2.60 GB. I thought this phone should have 4 gb rom? Or is part of the 4 gb used for something else?