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    MIUI Lockscreen with new options

    Just installed this lockscreen with my own background image and its quite nice. One problem I have is that the lock screen tells me I have 26 unread SMS which isn't the case. How can i reset the lockscreen counter? I am using handcent SMS client but I have checked on the default SMS client...
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    MIUI Lockscreen with new options

    Interesting. I am looking for a minimal lock screen with weather info (close to stock MIUI theme). Anybody know of one?
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    Google Maps Navigation causes my device to lock up and vibrate constantly

    Hi all, I am running MIUI 1.11.25 on my Samsung Galaxy S and Google Maps Navigation causes my device to lock up and then constantly vibrate. The only way to stop it from vibrating is to reboot the device. I have found that if i search for a destination in Google Maps then select the...
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    Improvement s***estion

    I would also like this. I use my device for Google Navigation and use the music player at the same time. The only way to switch tracks is to open the music player, change track and then go back to navigation. Would be nice to be able to pull the notification bar down and change track. Im...
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    Emoji Icons in default messaging application does not support IOS5.x

    Hi guys, I really like the default messaging application on MIUI but I have noticed that it does not support Emoji icons from IOS 5.x users. Emoji was not working so i switched to Handcent SMS and noticed that there was an Emoji update to support IOS 5.x devices. Is such an update...
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    Miui Music Player not downloading Lyrics

    I have never had this working, everytime I listen to music I get "Lyrics not found". Am i supposed to set the device up in a certain way in terms of ID3 information? Can i manually download lyrics and store them on the device?
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    Using MIUI ROM upside down?

    Hi guys, I use my Samsung Galaxy S in my car but as the ports are located on the top I find using the device upside down easier (as there are less wires getting in the way of my field of vision) I have changed the "Allow 180 degree rotation" option which works for google navigation but the...
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    Lossless Audio for Miui (like Cyanogenmod has)

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right terminology but Cyanogenmod mod has a option to allow the music player to continue to play music during notifications. I used this feature when listening to music and using Google Navigation at the same time. On the Miui ROM i couldnt find this...
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    Miui Browser Text Wrapping and what exactly is Panorama Mode?

    Nope, using default font that came with the ROM.
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    Miui GPS Configuration for UK

    Hi guys, I was wondering whether there were any tweaks to the GPS settings which I could apply in order got get a better GPS lock on my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 After flashing Miui I have the following settings already in place: NTP Server: SUPL Server...
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    Miui Browser Text Wrapping and what exactly is Panorama Mode?

    Hi guys, Does anybody have difficulty with text wrapping on the Miui browser? I am finding that I have to zoom into the desired zoom level, change orientation and then change orientation back so that the text is wrapped. Am I missing something? Double tapping the text zooms out for me...
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    Music Player Lyrics Download

    Same problem for me on my Samsung Galaxy S i9000
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    Gmail notification vibration setting + general haptic feedback intensity setting

    Hi all, I am a new user of the Miui rom, moved over from CyanogenMod 7.1 and initial impressions are that the ROM is beautiful and a joy to use. I am still playing around with the settings but I have noticed that when i received a email via the gmail app the device (Galaxy S i9000) does...