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    Missing notifications

    OK, I really like my Mix3 and I can live with Miui (most of the time) but one thing is still driving me mad. I cannot get my E-Mail app (K-9 Mail) to reliably display notifications. I have allowed Autostart, disabled energy optimisation and allowed all access rights under notifications for K-9...
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    Problems enabling encryption on Xiaomi.EU ROM

    During the last days I tried to enable encryption on my Mi Mix 2 without success. I tried the following: - boot to TWRP - format data - install latest Xiaomi.EU ROM - flash ( - reboot to system...
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    Media player controls ( ds audio) on lockscreen missing

    Hello, With the latest rom on my redmi note 5 pro i am missing the lockscreen media controls (forward/back/pause/play) for the ds audio player app. I get controls with other players like winamp. But i would like to use ds audio because i use it for streaming music from my synology...