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    [App Review] MIUI supported browser UC Browser

    So MIUI is supporting a browser created by Chinese Devs called UC browser. Both Chinese and English versions are in the market; however, the Chinese version is more updated. Anyways, after using it for 5 minutes, I have to say that I like Miren Browser a lot more due to performance/speed. The...
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    MIUI goal for the next 2 weeks!!

    google translate :) Recent new kernel upgrade, document management, traffic monitoring, theme, gallery (next week) and so a lot of new feature development, but also brings a certain degree of instability of the system. About MIUI ROM product development ideas and priorities, we all asked...
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    MIUI File Explorer

    have any of you guys play with it much? I FREAKING LOVE THIS!! awesome UI and the best thing about it is wireless file managing. NO USB needed, and it's super quick, beats Safely remove disk then having to change to charge only..
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    How to translate MIUI rom

    I take no credit for this, OP from XDA member djmcnz. I post this because I believe mark it's stepping down and we all will miss his great work. Also, a lot of people been asking how to translate, not sure if this still applies, but it should work.
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    4 pictures per post limit

    Can an admin please lift this limit? Being able to post more than 4 pictures is very essential especially in miui theme forum. I would love to be able to post 8. Thanks, just a request, any member who support this idea, please voice your opinion. Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
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    Lookup Number's location

    this don't seem like it's working at all for me, can someone else confirm? And the text is messed up a bit. You can get there by going to Settings, Phone Settings, Advance Settings Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
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    Untranslated in Maps

    Hey guys, I stumble upon a few sentences in maps app today. No biggie just letting y'all know Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
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    Applications fail to launch in folder after update

    What's been happening but I neglected to report is the Folder bug. Say you put App1, App2, and App3 in Folder 1, if you update App1 and then try to launch App1 from Folder1, App2 will launch instead. Now inside the folder, it will still show App1, App2, App3, but when you launch it's actually...
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    [REQUEST] MIUI Browser

    Since this is a MIUI developers forum, I was wondering if yall could also translate future releases of MIUI browser and provide support for the community. This would be awesome cause i tried MIUI browser for a bit and it was very nice and smooth; however, it didn't fit me very well due to the...
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    Contact's FB status cut off

    As yall can see.. When going through your contact where his/her status is posted.. __ minutes ago via facebook that sentence is cut off right under their status on top.