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  1. Ellerbestyle

    Many Bugs for Driod Incredible

    Well I reinstalled everything and I am staying with the kernel that comes with the rom. Going to see if does the same thing as the other kernels did.
  2. Ellerbestyle

    Many Bugs for Driod Incredible

    I have had major problems also. The last 2 or 3 versions would start giving me crazy FCs after running it for a week. Didn't bother me much at first because the newest version would come out and I would install it. Now the newest version I get FCs maybe after a day of use. It just seems really...
  3. Ellerbestyle

    Port miui to nook color

    Wonder if anyone would be interested in porting miui to the new nook color. There is a fund being collected to buy some nook colors to give to anyone who wants to try to port. They are planning on porting cm6 to it. I think miui on the nook color would look awesome. I would try to do it but I...