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  1. Bartl_1981

    Two Problems with MIUI stable

    I hope you guys can help me because one of those problems is driving me crazy. 1. When I call someone or get a call I hear the phone making a beep noise in the speaker during the call. I already looked through all the settings but couldn't find anything. 2. How do I get proper polish language...
  2. Bartl_1981

    Problems with Rom Update

    So, after many months of no updates through the Updater I decided to install the rom from here, but the phone says no. TRWP says: Updater process ended with Error: 7 E3004: This package is for "lithium" devices; this is a "". Why? It is the rom for this...
  3. Bartl_1981

    Gps Problems

    So recently I installed this and now I do have massive GPS problems. It doesn't work at all or very badly and it doesn't matter which mode I select. Is there any solution to this?
  4. Bartl_1981

    App Drawer?

    Aloha guys, I've just bought a Mi Mix and installed the Miui 9 stable and was wondering if there is any way of activating the app drwaer without using a launcher from the googlestore. If not, well then I would like to know if there is a good launcher that looks and feels like Miui 9 but has no...