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  1. Marchief

    [SGS2 2.6.22] Root Permissions reboot

    Any app requesting root permissions when enable root is turned on causes a hang and reboot, going into manage root and allowing the app after it reboots allows the app to run fine however. With enable root off the system correctly warns that it needs to be turned on to allow permissions...
  2. Marchief

    2.4.27 SGS2 power button instantly locks

    The setting is UN ticked but pressing the power button still instantly locks the phone, in previous versions this setting had no effect even after reboot but on the latest it doesn't stay ticked when you leave and re enter security settings. Pin lock enabled, 1 min timeout and lock after 1...
  3. Marchief

    Unlock Timer

    Anyone able to mod MIUI so that you get the 30 seconds to unlock your phone after timeout / screen off without having to re-enter your password like the sense roms, only thing I miss on the MIUI ROM, maybe also be able to configure how long before you need to re-enter your password too?