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  1. ToMmY_hun

    Samsung Galaxy SII - Bugs in the latest rom (2.8.17)

    I'll keep this topic updated, so we do not have to make a new thread for the bugs every week. I hope the developer will get this information somehow, so we can help them to develop this amazing rom and make it better and better. :) I'm far away from keyboard. Next update is coming on 1st...
  2. ToMmY_hun

    New Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 LBE Guard problem - Can not grant root permission

    I've got this problem since the new LBE Guard has been added to the MIUI rom. I installed the newest version today, wiped out all data but the problem is still here. Root permission can be granted, but file explorer application - like ES File Explorer, X-plore, Root Explorer, etc. - can not...