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  1. Graham Robson

    My Device Id And Mac Address Have Vanished?

    Not sure what has happened. Switched on my MiPad and there was no Wifi. Attempting to turn it on results in failure. Bluetooth works. Had a look in the status page and found that the device ID and MAC address etc. are missing. Any idea how to solve this? Everything else works. I decided to...
  2. Graham Robson

    Need help upgrading a Galaxy Tab

    I have a P1000 Galaxy Tab, 7" screen, which is currently on 2.3 froyo from Samsung. Is it possible to flash this device and run MIUI instead? Never had to worry with my other device as it is a Xiaomi and obviously came with MIUI on it. TIA
  3. Graham Robson

    VPN Client

    Can anyone recommend a decent VPN client to manage my gateways from. Something like Viscosity or OpenVPN but on Android? I have searched around the market and the web but all I keep finding is apps which allow you to use a free VPN which is not what I need. I need something to manage openVPN...
  4. Graham Robson

    Moving you apps from internal to external storage

    Hi, I have a Xiao Mi One. I am trying to move my apps to the SD card. I have tried all the different apps available to do this, app2sd, link2sd and so on, nothing works. With those the move to SD button is grayed out. I have Titanium Backup Pro installed. From the list of movable apps, 170 to be...
  5. Graham Robson

    Move apps to SD

    I am having trouble moving apps to the SD card using things like app2sd etc. Can anyone walk me through the steps. I know you have to be rooted but the Mi One is already so is it not. Thanks
  6. Graham Robson

    Resolved Fonts displayed in folders barely readable.

    I am now on 2.6.8. This problem started before that though. No matter which theme I use, but I generally use Concept ICS. The fonts in created app folders looks like it is outlined (white border with black middle) and is very difficult to read. I have changed fonts and themes, everything else...
  7. Graham Robson

    Buttons on the Xiaomi

    Just noticed that the three buttons on the phone light up on my wife's phone but mine do not. I cannot remember if they did at first or not, I updated the firmware on the first day. Any ideas on that? Is there an option to turn those on or off, could the updated firmware be the cause or do you...
  8. Graham Robson

    Newbie user questions

    Hi there. Just got my mi one plus. I have flashed to v2.4.20 GB version now as I live in China so it came with the other. I have a few questions. I tried a beta Android 4 firmware from the site which when installed has the Holo theme, so everything is black with the blue icons...