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    Bug in Monitor. A few things here dont make sense in English. Mobile Data Used = (Monthly) Data Allowance Add Monthly Starting Period = Reset Monthly On.. Sent from my ADR6300 using the forum app
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    Editing sync-only contacts FC's Contacts app

    I'm sure you've all noticed, but should we have a contact in FB, that is not in our phone Contacts.apk, then when we edit it, or try to do anything with it.. it crashes. It seems as if it doesn't "sync". Surely either editing should be *disabled*, or, it should by definition create a contact...
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    A couple of bugs and a translation issue?

    In the Contacts app: - When I have simply 1-555-123-4567 I get nothing. However, when I have +1-555-123-4567 I get USA/Canada. Bug? - Being too long, this *always* cuts off.. can we perhaps have US/Can. - I have contacts in Ireland (+353) that correctly show as Ireland, but +44 UK ones show...
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    Bug/slowness when using launcher Folders?

    Hey guys I've been noticing this repeatedly for the last 5 or 6 builds. But, when I use Folders.. everything lags. The launcher can be fine.. snappy fast.. and then when I open a folder.. it takes a few seconds.. and even after closing it struggles for a few minutes before getting back to...
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    Can we request the old App toggle?

    Hey I don't know what power you have Mark, but is there any way we can request the old App menu back in the notifications bar? I find the new ('old') one just sluggish.. and bulky. I loved the quickness of pulling it down.. I tended to use it more actually. M
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    1.3.25 - Compatibility Mode & Contacts Editing

    DInc Has anyone else noticed that the Compatibility Mode is by default *on* rather than off (as per .18). ? Also, when you Edit a contact, it begins by State, City, Zip.. rather than the Western format of Address, City, State, Zip M
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    Any way to turn OFF the screen previews?

    I accidentally (continually) seem to pull the gesture that activates the Sense/Exposé like previews. Does anyone know if I can turn this off? I've looked but been unable to find! Gracias, M