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    Installing Magisk after installing TWRP

    Hello guys, Is it safe to install magisk thru the patched image method, after installing TWRP? I used that to install magisk on the previous build, but TWRP has now been installed on the A and B boot image slots, but that's also where you have to flash magisk. Is there a workaround for this?
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    New Pop ups dont go away on latest stable mi11

    Small popups like these stay stuck on the screen, it takes a very long time before they disappear
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    Bad battery life?

    I've used the phone for 2 hours and battery went from 98 to 52. Is this normal with my apps and usage? I have the mi11 running on latest weekly
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    Phone freeze when enabling wifi

    Hello everybody, I've had this problem since I bought the phone, but I don't know if this is normal or if I have a faulty device. I'm running the latest weekly build on the Mi 11 right now, but I also had this problem on stock rom. When I enable wifi, the whole phone freezes for like a few...
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    Change notification sound of an app

    Hello everyone, Currently I'm running build weekly 21.3.31 on the mi11. I have the xiaomi home app installed on my phone. I set up my mi camera 360 to give me a notification when there is motion being detected, is it possible to change the notification sound of only this app so I can...