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  1. gilcu3

    Missing options in Settings

    Redmi note 6 pro eu global rom 10.3.3 I don't recall since when it happent, but there are some options missing in the Settings, for example "Turn on MIUI optimization" in Developers Settings. Is it the same for someone else?
  2. gilcu3

    wifi always on in battery stats

    Redmi note 6 pro with eu global stable rom 10.3.3 I have wifi off and wifi scanning while disabled options off. Battery consumption is normal. The problem is system battery stats show wifi as always on.
  3. gilcu3

    Resolved Notifications Channel Preference Crashing

    Device: Xioami Redmi Note 6 Pro OS: xiaomi eu rom stable 10.3.3 Behaviour: When you try to access notification channel preferences (after selecting a channel), Settings app crashes with the following message link. Edit: Duplicate of...
  4. gilcu3

    Resolved redmi note 6 pro dns problem mobile data

    I got this phone (redmi note 6 pro) recently , and it came with oficial Global MIUI 9 out of the box. I used it for a while and didn't detect any issue with mobile data. Then I updated to official global MIUI 10.2.2, and mobile data stopped working properly. It usually worked erratically. My...