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  1. elysion

    New K20 Pro | 9.10.10/11 | Google Assistant and GPay

    Hey everyone, my Google Assistant stopped working with the latest update, I can not activate the "Voice Match" slider. Also GPay still doesn't work with the latest Magisk, I already tried the GPay SQlite Package Thanks
  2. elysion

    GPay on K20 Pro ROM 9.8.22

    Hey there, I recentlya upgraded to Android Q 9.8.22 and can not add my PayPal account to Google Pay. Problem: Gets stuck in "Adding your account" in the last step, then aborts with an error "An error has occured, try again later" Things I've tried: GPay-SQLite-Fix MagiskHideProps module -...
  3. elysion

    K20 Pro Sound Issues

    Is anyone else experiencing sound/microphone issues on the latest ROM? YouTube gets very laggy, no sound and no mic, reboot sometimes helps but not always. Had viper4android and FDE.AI installed but uninstallation with dirty flash didn't help. Could this be a bug?