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  1. andyteleco

    How To Downgrade Rom Version Easily?

    I'm really pissed with the latest version, it keeps locking my screen randomly with increasing frequency, apps are slow and the battery drains really fast. I have opened another thread and sent error reports to Xiaomi but nobody seems to be interested in solving this. This is not the...
  2. andyteleco

    Screen Locking Randomly After Ncamiek Update

    My phone just updated itself to version (NCAMIEK) and since then it keeps randomly locking the screen while being used. It takes a few seconds until I can unlock it again, it's really annoying. Anyone else has this issue? Enviado desde mi MI 6 mediante Tapatalk
  3. andyteleco

    Miracast Screen Sharing Fails

    Hi, I managed to connect my MI 6 to my LG webOS TV without any problems the first time, but after that for some reason I can't do it any more. The TV is recognised but after pressing on the item it never connects any more (the TV doesn't indicate any notice of an incoming connection). I also...
  4. andyteleco

    Whatsapp crashing after last MIUI update

    Hello, after upgrading my MI2S to MIUI 4.9.12 Whatsapp has started constantly crashing rendering it unusable. The following exception seems to be triggering everything: java.lang.classcastexception: cannot be cast to...
  5. andyteleco

    Apps randomly exiting to home screen

    Hello, I am using MIUI, all updates installed, and recently my apps started exiting randomly to the home screen (not closing down completely) as if I had pressed the home button. It happens 3-4 times OK in a row and then it stops. Anyone else has experienced this? Cheers