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    Bug in status bar miui 11 , turning black and no blur

    Hello, I wanted to mention something to you to know if you can help me or this is not possible. I returned to miui 11 the last beta and an error occurs in the status bar, that is only the error: I mean that the status bar in dark mode the blur turns black and there is no blur, it only happens...
  2. stayed

    Gesture pixel , fingerprint one plus ,buttoms global rom for any phone, changing systemUi and home

    I edit systemUI and home, this changes: * the gestures miui to pixel gestures (arrow back) * fingerprint animation on the screen style (one plus macclaren) * china rom buttons to global rom buttons (pixel style) I found it very soft to use, I had to put a single color because there is no...
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    something module to add vibrate in gestures?

    any form?
  4. stayed

    Screen overclocking xiaomi mi8 se

    Someone knows of the existence of the dtbo file. Image to overclock and change the 60 Hz and raise it to 80Hz, is this possible with this model?
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    How to increase the brightness of mi8se phone

    how to increase the brightness of mi8se phone from the root of the system? Is there any way to modify the system and increase the maximum brightness of the phone? someone try please comment