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  1. rousseauxy

    Launcher FC on clean install (Desire Z)

    I just did a clean install (1.6.24) but the launcher seems to be FC-ing, any1 else having this issue? :/ Edit: Just did a clean install without the languagepack, no issues there, set language to English, rebooted and then installed languagepack, no issues now
  2. rousseauxy

    Tasker issues

    I'm not sure if this would be the right forum to make this post, but here it goes :) I've been trying to make some tasker profiles that use the "receive sms" event, these don't seem to work in miui. Searched the web and several ppl pointing this out. Is this something that can be adressed so...
  3. rousseauxy

    SIM toolkit reboots system (MIUI 1.6.10)

    The reboot fix for the sms and phone 3rd party apps worked for me, but for the SIM toolkit you can't set these settings, and since I use that to get my bank account status it sends an sms and then reboots the system.