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    Wireless Tether Not Workin

    Is Anybody else a problem connecting wireless tether on their Evo (I'm using the 12-11 update) with the new bcnice kernel..... HELP! LoL
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    mms prob. 12.3.2

    I can't seem to send OR receive mms. I'm currently using 12.3.2 for the Evo. HELP!!! LoL Please point me n the right direction (links if possible) Thanx N Advance :-)
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    Miui Theme Mng. Not Working :-/

    The Theme MNG. Outta The Blue, just stopped working on my Evo.... Im Using 12.3.2, is anybody else having this problem? If so, How Did u Fix It?
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    mms problem

    I'm A Noob, & I'm Having a major problem sending & receiving mms. I can't send, or receive ANY. I have a Evo. I started with the 12.3 final zip..... then installed 12.3.2 thinking maybe it would fix the issue.... it didn't :-/ so hopefully sumbody can point me in the right direction Thank...