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  1. james1089

    Mi5s Disable Encryption

    After you format providing you have proper driver's installed and reboot recovery you should be able to copy files from pc. If you do the format you have to reboot recovery before you can copy files over, told you twice to be sure
  2. james1089

    How To Install Rom On Used Phone?

    I had no problems doing this, as long as you have a mi account. Fastboot rom and check re-lock bootloader. Then log in with you're account details. Of course you then have to apply for bootloader unlock linked to you're account.
  3. james1089

    Battery Replacement Minote Pro Xiaomi Minote

    Where you from I have 2 spare batteries 1 brand new. They have different connector trust I made the mistake, turned out not too be the battery. I got my money back for the mi note battery as they listed it for both phones. BM 34 fir the pro version no other will fit.
  4. james1089

    How To Unlock Bootloader Mi Note Pro 100% Works

    There are other options for roms now so no worries.
  5. james1089

    And Now, What To Do ?

    Yep note pro lives, all is good I had the ebay selling set up, but deleted. I move to France? I posted on xda (after bottle of wine) gave your name hope thats ok
  6. james1089

    And Now, What To Do ?

    Thanks messi89 Gapps included
  7. james1089

    And Now, What To Do ?

    Not sure if I still want the phone anymore, I'll wait for next release and see how I feel.