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  1. Prolution

    Stock Browser

    Hi, Could some1 attach the stock browser .apk being multilanguage (German)? I would like to flash it new, the one coming with ******* Rom has some issues with user agent set to "Android". Google search results are blurry. Thanks and best regards!
  2. Prolution

    MIUI 8.2 6.11.3

    Hi, Simply, short question: Will you provide ROMs for the Mi MIX in future? :cool: Thx and best regards!
  3. Prolution

    Will There Be Roms For The Mi Mix?

    Hi, I'm interested if you guys will provide ROM releases for the Mi MIX. In the latest changelog it says under Hungarian language: "no translation for MI5S/Plus/MiNote2/MiMix". Thus, it seems as if there should be a Mi MIX ROM, however the device is not listed in the figure in the weekly...
  4. Prolution

    Stock Root Possible?

    Hi, Is there a possibility to activate root in the security-centre so I don't have to use the SuperSU app? Thanks and have a nice day!
  5. Prolution

    Changelog: Why Are Not All The Changes Included From The Weekly China Developer Roms

    Hi there, I just asked myself, why not all the changes from the weekly China Developer ROMs from are included in the weeklies here...? Sometimes, certain changes are missing. Is that on purpose or are you copying the ROM changelog wrong? Thanks you and best greetings!
  6. Prolution

    MULTI 5.11.26

    Why are not all the changes from the weekly china developer rom from in this one?
  7. Prolution

    Mi-3 - remove 3 dots menu

    Hi together, I really like my Mi-3 WCDMA, but there's one annying thing: In every single app there's the 3 dots menu to open the options of each app. But the phone already has a menu-button on the left side of the home button - so the menu is just unnecessary. How can I disable the 3 dots menu...
  8. Prolution

    MULTI 3.11.29

    Just to be sure: The Galaxy S4 variant with board "jflte" and checksum: "cec18cb63b00c72066b93cc467277723" isn't bmarko's from xda. It's the ported rom from, is it? I've been searching for the checksum but didn't find any other threads and it doesn't match with either the xda thread's...