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  1. iGears88

    Invalid 21.4.21 font size in new menu, in Spanish language

    This bother me, can u fix this ? Enviado desde mi Mi 9T Pro mediante Tapatalk
  2. iGears88

    slow screen lock

    I reinstalled version 20.12.9 for the mi9t pro, but I notice that when locking the screen there is a small lag that bothers me a lot, is there any way to solve it without having to update the android version?
  3. iGears88

    Request if it is posible

    I would like to know if it is possible that they can make a version of miui. eu more updated but based on android 10 for mi9t pro, since it is the best version to date of this version, for me it is the most stable, fastest and best that I have tried, since I also lost my widevine l1, it would be...
  4. iGears88

    Widevine no mi9tp on latest firmware

    I do a clean flash of this ROM and i Lost the l1, can i get back the l1 status? Enviado desde mi Mi 9T Pro mediante Tapatalk
  5. iGears88

    Mix 3 homescreen reload, 20.1.21 v3

    I have problems on my mix 3, the homescreen always reload when I use the task manager and then back to us, it always reload, I do a clean install Enviado desde mi MIX 3 mediante Tapatalk
  6. iGears88

    New 9.12.19 AOD isn't working MI9

    The 10 second AOD isn't working on mi9 dirty flash, its all off Enviado desde mi MI 9 mediante Tapatalk
  7. iGears88

    New MI9 - screen issue - last build

    When the screen goes completely off, sometime it doesn't respond. Clean install of the last build Enviado desde mi MI 9 mediante Tapatalk
  8. iGears88

    9.11.7 MI9 Google assistant

    Like the previous build, I have the same problem with voice match, it doesn't work properly Enviado desde mi MI 9 mediante Tapatalk
  9. iGears88

    New 9.11.7 MI9 AOD problems

    In the previous build have no problems but in this, the screen goes totally off even if I touch the screen, the AOD doesn't respond Enviado desde mi MI 9 mediante Tapatalk
  10. iGears88

    New Gpay doesn't work mi9 9.8.1 magisk and hided

    Reinstalled 9.8.1, root with magisk 19.4 beta, hide gpay an others but only gpay give me the message can't add because it's root Enviado desde mi MI 9 mediante Tapatalk
  11. iGears88

    Slow mo caption with problems in 9.9.26

    I have a mi9, in 720p or 1080p at 120 and 240 fps, isn't recorded right, at 960fps it's all right Enviado desde mi MI 9 mediante Tapatalk
  12. iGears88

    New Multimedia control and Facebook bug

    I have a bug when I press the volume buttons, the interface don't hide at the second, instead it stay in the screen until y press the screen and the Facebook app do this when I enter in it. Download something but I don't know what. Using 9.9.6 in a Chinese MI9 Enviado desde mi MI 9 mediante...