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    Mi3 browser question

    Every time I open a YouTube or vine link my mi3 opens the link in the browser and not the app ? Can this be changed as I can't see how to do it ? With my old gs5 you had a option to choose browser or app...thanks Sent from my MI 3W using Tapatalk
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    mi3w help needed

    Got a mi3w here running the latest miui from here I want to set just the text to large but everytime I do it also changes the desktop homescreens and that looks shocking heh. Want just large text for system ui messages ect. Can't this be done ? Thanks.
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    Resolved GS2 no GPS

    Running 2.4.27 on galaxy s2 but the GPS ain't working for me. Anyone else have this problem or know a fix? Thanks. Sent from my Touchpad using Tapatalk