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  1. NXTwoThou

    Invalid "Other files" filling up my phone very rapidly

    For anyone that's currently dealing with having to wipe everything on a regular basis. Have you tried switching between EXT4 and F2FS? Maybe it's a bug in one of the file system implementations and until they get it fixed you could switch to the other. If F2FS is bugged, I would think the...
  2. NXTwoThou

    MIUI 12.5 21.1.13/14

    I have a Mi9 and got 21.1.4 OTA yesterday. Everything seemed fine. I was at work, so besides letting it update, I unlocked it once so YourPhone could connect) I didn't really do anything with it beyond txt'ing. When I left for the day I got in my car and hit to play bluetooth music. A song...
  3. NXTwoThou

    Poor quality Wi-Fi

    For reference, when I look at the networking properties with my Mi9, it shows [2.4G/5G]. When I go to the admin functions on my wifi router, it routinely indicates my phone is connected at 2.4G. If I turn off smart connect on my router and set different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 I can maintain 5...
  4. NXTwoThou

    Getting an error on downloading widevine certificate

    After reading about L1 being available on some devices, I tried downloading the certificate too and got the same error(Mi9 8/256 9.9.3). I had one fingerprint registered and went ahead and registered another one to make sure that wasn't it. Glad to see I'm not the only one.
  5. NXTwoThou

    Finally Google pay working on my Mi9

    I was using one of the 3.3.1's with my Mi9. You need to have a version of TWRP that can read the encryption on your device. For example, I'm on Android Q right now, unless I update to at least I wouldn't be able to do the trick.
  6. NXTwoThou


    Yep, everything went back to working like it did on Friday. I just need to remember to switch out of defaulting to file transfer mode in case I need to use adb to remove the package_cache folder with whatever comes out this Friday(unless they suddenly have a TWRP that can read Q's encryption)
  7. NXTwoThou


    That's what I ended doing last night before I left work. 9.8.8 is working fine.
  8. NXTwoThou


    NFC doesn't work with Q yet so Google Pay won't work. Edit: I'm wrong(and don't see a "delete post" button) velqn indicates NFC is working with this version by toggling "HCE NFC to SIM and back to HCE".
  9. NXTwoThou


    I'm in the same boat. I guess we either need to wait for a version of TWRP that can decrypt Q or do a clean install. I'm going to try and hold out for a few days for TWRP that can decrypt. As far as I can see, I just can't get to Settings, everything else seems to work. 9.8.8 worked fine on...
  10. NXTwoThou

    Invalid Changing lock screen after applying a theme

    Because a logical action by a user does not have the intended result and no notification as to why it doesn't have the intended result. If a theme doesn't support lock screen wallpapers, it should not allow going to select one or at least notify the user "Current theme does not support lock...
  11. NXTwoThou

    Invalid Changing lock screen after applying a theme

    Okay, I'll file a bug report for Xiaomi's themes app(once I figure out where to)
  12. NXTwoThou

    Invalid Changing lock screen after applying a theme

    So I'm supposed to load an app to change my lock screen and wallpaper? Why does Settings->Wallpaper->Local photos->Click photo->Apply->Set Both exist then?(since, you know, that's the logical way to change a system setting)
  13. NXTwoThou

    Invalid Changing lock screen after applying a theme

    At first it was just frustrating, now it's making me want to throw my phone across the phone. Mi9 Transparent Edition. I like the theme but I don't like the lock screen. Just installed 9.6.5, restored local backup. Of course, the theme doesn't restore. Go to themes, search for "Mi9 TE"...
  14. NXTwoThou

    Finally Google pay working on my Mi9

    Holy crap, this was the first set of instructions that actually worked for me! Thanks so much!
  15. NXTwoThou


    Had an odd prompt that I'd never seen before. It came up and asked me to associate my phone number. I entered in my Mi account password and phone number and it said something like "The phone number *date* is to be associated with *my Mi account number*. This will remove the device already...
  16. NXTwoThou

    New Restoring local backup issues

    Moved to Android a month ago from W10M with a Mi9 Transparent Edition. As soon as the unlock timer expired, I moved to and I've been doing the weekly roms. I appreciate the new feature enhancements and bug fixes but I'm a bit frustrated with the restore experience. I updated to...