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  1. Batment

    Does anybody know is it possible to change phone MAC address ?

    I have two mi5s with MIUI11 rom and floppy kernel installed, to my surprise I have discovered that after installing that kernel two devices use same MAC address, I understand that it is kernel creator`s problem, but he was not able to help me. Maybe there is someone here who knows how...
  2. Batment

    MI5s V11.0.2.0 Stable is out.

    Have not tried it yet, but tomorrow I will. If anyone already did please share your experience.
  3. Batment MIUI is out for Mi5S.

    Already downloaded and flashed, have not noticed no bugs so far.
  4. Batment

    5s stable is out

    Downloading it now, cannot find changelog though. And I`m back from stable global rom to, again.
  5. Batment

    Mi5s Is Out

    Have anyone tried it yet, any bugs ?
  6. Batment

    Mi5s Miui Is Out.

    Updated today, no problems so far.