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    New Miui camera picture quality

    Hi, I'm on beta 20.5.7, Mi Note 3 and despite that the picture quality in Miui camera settings is set to High it produces very small-size pictures like 2 - 2,5 MB. What can be the cause? If I replace the Miui camera apk with older version it works properly (but the quality itself is not very...
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    Wifi problem

    Hi, I'm on latest beta eu rom 9.4.25 and have problems with Wifi. Once switched on it can't be turned off - only a reboot fixes the issue. Does anyone experience this bug?
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    Buzzing sound from speaker

    Hi, I'm on 8.9.20 rom and have a problem with the speaker - e.g when listening to music and stop it or locking/unlocking the phone I can hear a buzzing sound from the speaker for several seconds and it stops(I have to put the phone close to my ear to hear it). Does any of you experience this...
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    New Mi note 3 Camera FC - 8.8.30

    Hi, I found a new option in video mode - HDR. When I enable it and switch from 4k to 1080p the camera stopps working. I have attached a screenshot. After that I cleared app data and the opened the camera - the viewfinder was black and when i choose portrait for example it says can't connect to...
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    Video stabilization

    Hi,. Is video stabilization enabled in rom 9.5.10? Before I installed the rom the video stabilization was shown as supported in Aida64 app, now it says unsuppprted. Thanks, werty