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    New Network Problem

    I confirm that i had carrier issue with Sosh/Orange too. Everything work since i reset my phone and go back to 20.7.23 weekly on my Mi 9T Pro.
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    New Network Problem

    Hello guys ! Did you find a quick fix for this problem ? Because i'm having the same issue with my Mi 9T pro with the two last update
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.19

    I'm on Redmi K20 pro and there are some bugs with mail app it keep refreshing and recreating INBOX for Gmail address and keep sending same notifications over and over again and some mail address dosn't work anymore. There is also a bug with application supposed to be shown over the lockscreen...
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    Error due to french translation with camera app

    In the miui camera app when the phone is in french there are less option to take photo and only access to ultra wide mode ... The app crash and say can't access to the camera when you choose "portrait" mode ... One dev said this was an error of french translation
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    Error due to french translation with camera app

    Hi ! There is an error with french translation that cause crash and many problems with camera app. I noticed this in the last two versions, 9.6.20 is good, with a redmi k20 pro.
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    [INFO] Confirmed Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    There is an issue with my redmi k20 pro the camera app work but stuck in ultra wide mode and some mode doesn't work since 2 last versions. All of this worked on 9.6.20 so i'll wait on this version till it fixed
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    Resolved [MI 9][9.6.27] Miui camera bug (i've a logcat)

    Me too on redmi k20 pro work on 9.6.20 but not in 9.6.27 nor 9.7.4
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    Will Redmi K20 have support ?

    Hi everyone !! My question is in the thread title so i have nothing to add ^^ Thank you all !
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    Did anyone test if there is the new game toolbox with new functions like added on redmi note 5 and 7 on the others devices ?
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    I don't understand where is the new game toolbox i still have the old one. Can anybody help me ?
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    I don't understand i don't have the new game booster with new functions on my mi note 2 (added normally in the previous version)
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    There is no new game acceleration with new features on my mi note 2 like said in the changelogs. Is there a bug or it's normal ?
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    I don't have the new game toolbox on mi note 2
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    8.3.29 V2

    Battery drain still here on Mi Note 2 ... Android system take more than 55% of my battery...
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    8.3.29 V2

    Yellow pages app crash on Mi Note 2 ! Any fix for this ?
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    I think i have an issue with battery because Android system take over 77% of my battery consumption
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    Battery drain faster for many different devices with this update you need to fix it really fast because it's boring ...