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    How did you disable it?
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.9.28 (Week 109) Preview Changelog

    The network provider for Orange France is showing up as Virgin. Here is a screen shot.
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    Here is an interesting comparison.
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    Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**

    I wonder who will look at this. My request would be to improve the launcher. I miss swipeable dock items and being able to keep swiping the home screens in circles and I find that lanscape mode looks also cool. Ulrich
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    Would you...

    Great idea. Go for it.
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    Xiaomi Xiaomi MI-2 Full video conference presentation

    Here is a intersting comparison between the MI2 and SGS3
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    MIUI ROM 2.8.3 Release

    Oh ok. I will wait for the new download.
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    MIUI ROM 2.8.3 Release

    Application cannot be installed. here is my catlog
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    In Progress SGS2 - 2.8.3 Release BUGS

    I don't have any cache for the SytstemUI and have the problem Is this the logcat? java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create service java.util.MissingFormatArgumentException: Format specifier: 3$s at...
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    Miui Launcher Options

    Am I the only one you feels that Miui launcher could do with a few more options. Give your vote below if you think the Miui laucher should get some similar features form the other popluar launchers like go launcher or pro launcher or ADWLauncher EX? I miss the swipeable dock items and being...
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    In Progress [2.6.1] [GT-I9100-SGS2] Boot and Shutter Sound

    I would just like to say that we still do not have a solution to the original problem.
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    In Progress [2.6.1] [GT-I9100-SGS2] Boot and Shutter Sound

    I tried it but it didnt work. Edit: I got it, I had to update the SiyahKernel
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    In Progress [2.6.1] [GT-I9100-SGS2] Boot and Shutter Sound

    I tried that but it does not seem to help. I cant even reinstall miui without a complete wipe. I get the error Finding update package... Opening update package... Installing update... assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") =="GT-I9100" || getprop("") =="GT-I9100" ||...
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    In Progress [2.6.1] [GT-I9100-SGS2] Boot and Shutter Sound

    I added it but I cant get passed the start screen with the yellow triangle. How can I change it back? Does it mater where I type the code? Here is the original version
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    In Progress [2.6.1] [GT-I9100-SGS2] Boot and Shutter Sound

    I was able to look at it with ES File explorer but this line was missing. Can I add it?
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    In Progress [2.6.1] [GT-I9100-SGS2] Boot and Shutter Sound

    How do I change my build.prop?
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    In Progress [2.6.1] [GT-I9100-SGS2] Boot and Shutter Sound

    I started using MIUI after long break. When I last used it in GB you could remove the boot sound. It does not seem to work now. I still get the default Samsung start up sound. It is the same for the shutter sound.