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  1. kiswum

    NL vertaling toepassen op ruim 30 punten

    @Cueie @redmaner Graag de vertalingen uit de onderstaande screenshots aanpassen. De schermafdrukken komen van de Mi 9 SE i.c.m. build: 9.4.25 Ik heb eventueel een filmpje die ik met jullie kan delen waarbij ik door alle instellingen ga.
  2. kiswum

    Mail App Crasht Regelmatig

    In de onderstaande reactie heb ik alles al beschreven: Hier nog de punten waar het om gaat (p.s. ik heb dit probleem sinds de eerste release van Miui9 en heb elke week geupdated.): Telefoon: Mi6 7.9.14 rom Laatste full...
  3. kiswum

    Bug: Shot On Mi6 Tag Turned Off, But Visible On Second Space

    I'm using build: 7.7.7 Dev build from Language: Dutch. When I take a picture with my camera on the main space, the pictures don't show the tag that the picture has been made with a Mi6. When I do the same in my second space, the pictures display the Mi6 tag: Shot on Mi6 Mi Dual...
  4. kiswum

    25 Vertaalfouten In Miui7

    Hi translators/Hallo vertalers. Ik zal hier een lijst neerzetten met zaken die niet (goed) zijn vertaald in versie: 5.10.8 op een Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime. Instellingen menu: 1. SIM kaarten & mobiele netwerken -> Internationale roaming ->Overzeese data roaming = Internationaal roaming 1b...
  5. kiswum

    New Redmi 2, Spotify stops playing when a message comes in

    Device: Xiaomi Redmi 2 WCDMA 1GB version ROM: 5.1.23 (Language English) Still exists in these releases: 5.2.6 Spotify: Problem: Spotify is my music player and every time a message comes in or the phone needs to make a sound, the app stops playing. I have used this app on many other...
  6. kiswum

    New Redmi 2, Bluetooth Turns Off Automatically (solved In New Release)

    Device: Xiaomi Redmi 2 WCDMA 1GB version ROM: 5.1.23 (Language English) Problem: Bluetooth shutsdown turns off without a reason. I keep my Bluetooth running in the background on every phone I have. I use it to connect to my car radio/Headunit or to my Wireless headset. I noticed several times...
  7. kiswum

    New Redmi 2, Whatsapp doesn't process new messages

    Device: Xiaomi Redmi 2 WCDMA 1GB version ROM: 5.1.23 (Language, English) Whatsapp version 2.11.505: Problem: Whatsapp doesn't process new messages. When I start my Whatsapp it shows the new messages. What happens: Whatsapp stops running and can't process the messages. Workaround: Lock the app...
  8. kiswum

    New Shuffle music, only plays songs from 4-5 folders

    I've got a strange bug which I am not able to fully "proof" - I have 15 folders of music and these contain a total amount of 285 songs. - I have about 114 songs which have been played frequently. I never choose a particular song, this goes all automatic by the random/shuffle song option. - I...
  9. kiswum

    New Can't turn on music via BT headset

    Hi there, this could be a bug for the original rom as well: Every Monday, after I connect my Jabra headset to my phone I encounter the same minor bug. My phone doesn't reply to the buttons I use on my headset. When I turn on the music directly on my phone, than the BT headset is able to use the...
  10. kiswum

    My favourite brand in 2013

    Today, in a group meeting, the next question has been raised: What is your favourite brand? The first brand that I had in mind was the brand I'm working for (I want the keep it classified). The second brand was; Xiaomi! I could speak up to the group and tell them that this was my favourite...
  11. kiswum

    [Feature request] Senior mode

    I've received another Xiaomi Hongmi yesterday and I have noticed that it has an Senior mode, which I don't see on my Mi2 (it's neither available on my Hongmi-T). When will this be available in the Multi Language version? I think this is a very nice feature for elderly, who want to use the Miui...
  12. kiswum

    Xiaomi Hongmi review by Kiswum

    This review is written in "UK English", English is not my native language, please let me know by a PM, if words and sentences are rubbish. With your help I can correct the mistakes, and push this review to a higher level. Most of the thumbnails are clickable, I've tried to place pictures with...
  13. kiswum

    Locate your phone

    edit 15-02-2013: The manual has been reviewed and tested a few times more this week: Chinese citizens could probably use this feature already, but I've tested it from The Netherlands/Europe and it can be used here as well! Here is a little guide how you can find your device back when you have...